What’s your “Me” regime?

I often forget that i need to refuel myself, find inner peace, to engage with myself, to have downtime. Ok, i blog in the bath but i am looking for more. A hobby. A something.

Any suggestions? What works for you?

*not shopping, im trying to stop that habit lol …see my earlier post about that nonsense of mine!

Good morning…and….

I really need to figure out how to use this site better.

Anyway, good morning. I havent had my coffee yet but have been surprisingly productive. Im sure the headache will set in soon so i better get to it. Who else out there gets those pesky lack-of caffeine headaches?

How is everyone today? I hear its suppose to rain well at least here in So Cal. Yes!!!

Oh yeah, i finished the first season of Dead to Me on netflix….i thought it was awesome! 30ish min episodes with some good twists and turns.  Love Christina Applegate! And super-bonus – James Marsden..wowza. Anyway, i highly suggest!

I blog in the bath…

I love taking baths. I let the water run in so slow (just love the sound, i find it soothing). I read my emails, call my Mom, play on instagram. Its a moment of me time with the weight of the world floating on top of my shoulders in this scalding hot water. 😉

Try it. Maybe not the scalding but the concept.


Good morning mother’s day…

Seems mostly just another day. I had meant to go to yoga this morning but was dragging ass and there went that…i find myself dragging ass more than i actually go, oh well, one of these days.

I feel like doing absolutely nothing but watch cheesy hallmark movies in my pajamas.

Is it just me?

Happy Mother’s Day.

Almost 42 and still trying to figure it out.

I am just a pretty ordinary Mom, girlfriend, employee, etc. who is trying to make it through each day with sanity intact! Wondering who else out there might be feeling the same. I decided to do this, sort of, diary to share my frustrations, accomplishments, pitfalls, emotional break-downs in hopes to connect with others, help others and maybe even help myself…let’s see where this goes, my ladies! Therapy is for the birds (*for me!!!!*), I’ve tried and havent found “the one” and I’m sure my bf and gf’s dont know what to say. I need relatable women!

Soooo how about it… Im going to give it a whirl. Are you in too?

I have a fairly big potty mouth…fair warning!