Hurry up and wait

Can you guess where I am? ….airport. Yup, hurry up and wait. What a morning. 5 minutes before my uber ride is said to arrive, my suitcase busted. I knew it was coming as the zipper has given me trouble during my last few trips. I couldnt get my suitcase back open to repack…the panic. Well as you can see, it worked out as im at the airport home – waiting after i hurried lol.

On the road again.

Good morning blog world.

Its been a few days

My apologies for my absence…apologizing to whomever is paying attention and myself. This blog is a great release.

Spent a few days on the road for work. Im tired. Looking forward to getting home. Sitting at the airport drinking my ritual pre-flight boozey drink- this time, prosecco.

My first night here, i got pretty slooshy drunk and ended up pissing off my bf. I apologized but it wasnt enough it seemed. See when he gets upset/mad, it takes days for it to resolve and i hate it. I dont like people to be mad at me…what can i do but just wait it out, i guess.

Damn, sitting at the airport with headphones on, leaves too much time to be stuck in one’s own head.

Mouth diarrhea, i know.

I need a few words of cheer. Anyone out there?