Sitting in the orthodontist office with my kiddo…this place gives me the creeps – just the teeth stuff grosses me out. Lol

When she had loose teeth, i couldnt look at them. Some tooth fairy i was!

5pm. Its quitting time!



Ok…i made it. I feel accomplished completing my crossfit workout. Although, i think i died a little. MY BODY HURTS! Lol.

Gotta get it done….but f*%$ me! :-[

Wonder if i will be able to walk in the morning! Wish me luck.


So i have to admit, ive been in quit a funk. Mother’s day kinda left me feeling blue. Im almost 42 and had always wanted a second child with my long time bf. We had 2 miscarriages plus time never seemed right to actually actively try. Starting over having a 16 year old also seemed unappealing but that feeling was already there…that strange desire to have another. Well, in December i had a partial hysterectomy because i had a giant tumor (benign) which would have made it difficult to near impossible to conceive anyway. It just wasnt in the cards… does anyone else go thru this post miscarriage, post hysterectomy. A chapter was closed. The motel condemned.

Total downer. Sorry.

Good morning…and….

I really need to figure out how to use this site better.

Anyway, good morning. I havent had my coffee yet but have been surprisingly productive. Im sure the headache will set in soon so i better get to it. Who else out there gets those pesky lack-of caffeine headaches?

How is everyone today? I hear its suppose to rain well at least here in So Cal. Yes!!!

Oh yeah, i finished the first season of Dead to Me on netflix….i thought it was awesome! 30ish min episodes with some good twists and turns.  Love Christina Applegate! And super-bonus – James Marsden..wowza. Anyway, i highly suggest!