I think i have a problem. I cant stop buying clothes. I have more clothes than i know what to do with…its sad. My bf gets so mad because i have basket after basket because i dont have room in my closet.

I dont know why. Ugh. Maybe this is where “the one” (a good therapist) would come in handy.

Im kind of enjoying the blog…it feels therapeutic in its own way. Thanks for those who have read them!!!

Driving along….

So im driving along the freeway in the slow lane because i had just gotten on. Someone pulls off on the shoulder (going as fast as the speed limit) and i was approaching but in my lane. Said idiot starts to come back into my lane so i lay on my horn as to not get side swiped….then i get the finger! WTF. I was trying to alert this driver so to not run into me (and the 2 kids in the car with me)….AND I GET THE FINGER.



Do you ladies (and gents) ever shop in the middle of the night? I really ought to take my saved credit card off my phone.

Even better, have you ever drunk purchased? I had a shipment arrive from white white house black market with a complete outfit that i dont remember ordering. Luckily all of it was on sale AND it was the perfect, complete outfit. Lol. Shameful? Or smart even when inebriated!? Lol


Wide awake

Ok ladies…how many are plagued by over active brain? 🙋‍♀️ tonight/this morning…. do men go through this too? Its too early to get up for me (5am) but its almost not worth going back to sleep (or trying rather). Grrrrr. Coffee kinda day.

Shoulders are weighted down…maybe today will be a good day for a work out. (Please get motivated, please get motivated…..)

I blog in the bath…

I love taking baths. I let the water run in so slow (just love the sound, i find it soothing). I read my emails, call my Mom, play on instagram. Its a moment of me time with the weight of the world floating on top of my shoulders in this scalding hot water. 😉

Try it. Maybe not the scalding but the concept.


Good morning mother’s day…

Seems mostly just another day. I had meant to go to yoga this morning but was dragging ass and there went that…i find myself dragging ass more than i actually go, oh well, one of these days.

I feel like doing absolutely nothing but watch cheesy hallmark movies in my pajamas.

Is it just me?

Happy Mother’s Day.

Almost 42 and still trying to figure it out.

I am just a pretty ordinary Mom, girlfriend, employee, etc. who is trying to make it through each day with sanity intact! Wondering who else out there might be feeling the same. I decided to do this, sort of, diary to share my frustrations, accomplishments, pitfalls, emotional break-downs in hopes to connect with others, help others and maybe even help myself…let’s see where this goes, my ladies! Therapy is for the birds (*for me!!!!*), I’ve tried and havent found “the one” and I’m sure my bf and gf’s dont know what to say. I need relatable women!

Soooo how about it… Im going to give it a whirl. Are you in too?

I have a fairly big potty mouth…fair warning!